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Marketing / Communications Strategic Plan 2015-2018

Alamo Area Council's complete strategic plan can be found by clicking HEREExternal Link.  The Marketing Strategic Plan for 2015-2018 if below:

Objective: Increase the visibility and positive image of the Alamo Area Council


  1. Update marketing plan for council focused on sustaining success and momentum of content marketing strategy
  2. Promote brand and positive image of Scouting in our community through story content placement within Council-E News; website; social media, and traditional earned media placements
  3. Launch content syndication program involving both kids and professionals as content creators.
  4. Collect relevant demographic data and increase the level of household connectivity to council information
  5. Build volunteer involvement in all marketing activities and revive marketing committee as resource committee focused on the Mays Family Scout Ranch and on staff training on their role within communications.
  6. Promote and utilize council web site for all council activities and registration, and exceed double digit growth in all key online statistics.
  7. Launch hyper targeted fundraising campaign for marketing budget growth


Notes from Strategic Planning Session – Marketing breakout:

As compiled and presented by VP of Marketing, Chris Talley-

“We talked about two things that are happening in the media market – the shift of who creates content and how we consume content.  So, first and foremost we want to sustain and then seek to grow the success levels that Angel has generated thru really himself and about half of an additional member of the staff.

Number one, we got great momentum…Let’s sustain that moment.  But, also understand that the way we consume media and the way media is originated and the different kinds of content types that we are taking in these days is completely out of control and blending into this sea of chaos in the world of content and communications.

Sustainment and the ability to get eyeballs onto our screens and onto our content is the number one priority. 

The second thing is we have benefited from Angel’s great activity and support over the last three years, but at the same time we’ve leaned very heavily on that and let our volunteer committee diminish.  So, we want to revive the marketing/communications committee as a resource committee focused on Mays, the support for the staff and training and equipping and enabling the staff to continue to play a bigger and bigger role in the function of communications.  So that’s the training and counsel necessary there.

Focus on content syndication.  There is a lot happening in the world of content.  So this would be a program where we commission content.  We get content written by the kids and/or professionals and we push content to third party sites our partners. And, we pull content in from their sites as well.

And, then budget optimization.  So, Angel was talking about the $14,000 allocated to the marketing function but two thirds of that is already devoted and already spoken for before we even begin to think about how we would spend what’s left of it to put eyeballs on our marketing material.  So, we have a very limited budget that we need to either enhance through some very hyper targeted fundraising for marketing and/or to optimize the $5 to $6,000 really is available for putting eyeballs onto the content.

Two fold story – first and foremost sustain the momentum we have not let the chaos of the way we consume and generate content get in the way of the momentum that we’ve had underway and rebuild that volunteer committee that we had underway that preceded Angel’s arrival.  Thank you.”


Content Marketing Quotes:

“Functioning as the cornerstone of our marketing plan, good content marketing creates and shares valuable stories commonly thru searchable online articles, videos, photos, graphics, and sound recordings published on owned media platforms, like our council website and social media sites, in order to attract and keep customers.  It should also be sensibly transparent and honest about the supported brand and always include a good marketing call to action” ~ Angel Martinez, Communications/Marketing Director, Alamo Area Council

“The goals of Content Marketing are to:  Build relationships with existing clients, attract new customers, demonstrate benefits, tell interesting stories about your brand and to appear in search engines and increase web traffic.” ~ Robert Wynne, “Content Marketing – The Real Story,” Forbes Magazine, 7/8/13


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