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May 24, 2019
Flags at Fort Sam 2019

Flags at Fort Sam 2019

Flags at Fort Sam - Friday, May 24, 2019

The Boy Scouts of America, together with other Scouting Organizations, Youth Organizations, and hundreds of Community Volunteers and their Families Honor Fallen Heroes by placing American Flags at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.

Members of communities nationwide spend the Friday before Memorial Day showing appreciation for our men and women who served our nation by placing American flags at the headstones of fallen service members. We invite anyone wishing to pay their respects and help prepare the cemetery for Memorial Day to join us at this annual event. 

This year, the Boy Scouts of America Alamo Area Council is pleased to announce our first ever Sponsor for Flags at Fort Sam:

Before we complete your registration, please read ALL of the details below as some changes have been made this year to ensure a more reverent and organized event. We appreciate your continued support!

Thank you for your interest in participating in this annual flag placement event. Flags at Fort Sam has been held for many, many years and has grown tremendously. To allow for continued growth and create efficiency, a committee comprised of many of the volunteer groups involved has been formed and meeting regularly for the past several months. The purpose of this committee is to coordinate, promote, and grow the Flags at Fort Sam event while ensuring the utmost respect is paid to our fallen heroes. 

If you are interested in being a part of our Flags at Fort Sam Committee, please email


  • PARTICIPANTS - attendees that will be coming out to help place flags
  • AMBASSADORS - volunteers that will be "working" to help direct traffic, distribute flags, etc.


  • BE RESPECTFUL AT ALL TIMES! Some people will be at the cemetery to visit loved ones, so please be reverent at all times.
  • Please no running, playing, shouting, or loud music at any time. Children should remain with an adult at all times.
  • Take only photos, leave only footprints. Flower arrangements may be placed by those visiting loved ones.


  • Starts at 5:00 PM at the Assembly Area at the far southeast corner of the cemetery.
  • Plan to arrive by 4:00 PM due to high attendance and heavy traffic
  • Lasts about 15-20 minutes and includes a flag ceremony, the Pledge of Allegiance, welcome, and instructions for proper flag placement.
  • Registration allows for a count of the total attendance to track the growth of this event from year to year. Please click here to registerExternal Link. Registration only requires a name, number of adults, number of youth, and an email address.
  • Click here to view a map of the cemetery.



  • Flag Bins will remain sealed until 5:15 PM following the Opening Assembly at 5:00 PM at the Assembly Area.
  • Volunteers will be manning each Flag Bin. Please follow their instructions and be mindful of the proper flag placement procedures posted.
  • All flags should be placed centered one (1) foot in front of the headstone.
  • No flags should be placed on the backside of the headstone even if there is a name there.
  • The flags on each row of headstones should be in a straight line and at the same height.
  • Please DO NOT leave pennies on the headstones.


  • PLEASE, PLEASE CARPOOL as much as possible and plan to arrive by 4:00 PM due to high attendance and heavy traffic during this event.
  • Speed Limit is 15 mph. Remember, there will be many people crossing the streets and children are often unpredictable.
  • Volunteers will be directing parking and traffic – PLEASE follow their instructions and BE PATIENT.
  • To allow for better traffic flow, parking will be allowed ONLY on one side of the street. DO NOT park on Harry Wurzbach Rd.
  • Drive on paved roads ONLY and be mindful of construction, fences, gates, and boundaries.
  • Please note the entrance at Nursery Road will be closed.
  • DIRECTIONS: Enter San Antonio Blvd through Harry Wurzbach Road. Follow it back towards the far southeast corner of the cemetery; turn right on Fredericksburg Street to reach the Assembly Area.
  • Click here to view a map of the cemetery.


  • Bottled water
  • Sunscreen & hat
  • 1 foot ruler to measure for proper flag placement
  • Screwdriver & mallet for ease in placing flags in the ground
  • Umbrella (if the weather calls for rain)


  • All Scouts should be in full uniform.
  • Military or other organization uniform & comfortable shoes for walking encouraged.
  • Corporate or other team shirt & comfortable shoes for walking encouraged.


  • Please contact the cemetery for FORMAL CEREMONY details for Monday, May 27, 2019.


  • Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 8:00 AM.
  • Anyone is welcome; no registration required.
  • All flags will need to be wrapped into bundles of 10.

Thank you again for your interest in participating in the Flags at Fort Sam event! We appreciate your support and dedication for our fallen service men and women!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? For more information, please email