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McGimsey Scout Park

10800 Wedgewood Drive
San Antonio, TX 78231

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The Alamo Area Council's McGimsey Scout Park is available for camping, trainings, events, and rentals to all Boy Scouts of America Units. 

For questions or information, email or contact the council office at 210-341-8611.



Canoe Rental Agreement / Float Plan

 Health Form A-C


Council Rental Agreement and Camp Guidelines


Camp Use and Operation

Camp use is by Reservation only, and reservations must be made through the Council Service Center’s website at a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to use. Camp is closed for all use on Sunday after 1:00 p.m.; after 10:00p.m. during the week; and for all Holidays observed by the Alamo Area Council. The gate code for your event must be disseminated to your personnel. Gate will remain closed at all times. Use gate code for ingress and egress.


Check-In and Check-Out

All campers and visitors must check in with the Camp Ranger immediately upon arrival. In the event that you cancel your trip, please call and inform the Ranger or if you know early enough notify the Council Service Center. Check-In for weekend camping will begin no earlier than 2:00 pm on check-in day and Checkout is no later than 2:00 pm on checkout day. However, Sunday’s checkout will be at 1:00 pm. Before leaving, units must have their facilities inspected and Check out with the Camp Ranger. Report any problems and/or emergencies to camp Ranger as soon as possible. Campers must remain on the property unless accompanied by two leaders. Leader must inform the Ranger if anyone must leave the property.


Payments and Deposits

All payments, deposits, and environmental fees are collected at time of reservation. Prices are non negotiable. Deposits will be collect on the McGimsey House, OA building, Sports Pavilion, Swimming Pool, Dining Hall, and Canoes. Deposits are refundable only if all rented facilities are cleaned up according to the cleaning/checkout list posted in all buildings and unit/group checks out at the appropriate time. If unit/group does not clean according to cleaning/checkout list or goes over checkout time they will be charged additional fees. .

Environmental Impact Fee

The environmental impact fee is placed on outdoor facilities including the campsites, swimming pool, and Alamo pavilion. This fee directly supports the maintenance of the camp and the "Leave No Trace" policy. 


Cancellation Policy

McGimsey Scout Park Property reservations cancelled at least 3 days prior to the arrival of the reservation are transferable; otherwise you will receive a refund by check minus a 20% cancellation fee. If the reservation/rental is cancelled within 3 days, no refund is given. Transferable reservations/rentals are only valid within the same calendar year of cancellation of original date. Example: if original reservation was planned for June  and cancelled prior to 3 days before original reservation date, transferred reservation must be used by December 31 of that year.


Vehicle Use and Speed Limit

Posted speed limits on camp are 10 miles per hour on blacktop roads, and 5 miles per hour on gravel/dirt roads. Camp is for hiking; vehicles should be parked in designated parking areas (not campsites) except in the case of an emergency. Consolidate gear and transport to campsite in only one vehicle. Trailers may be left at campsite without tow vehicle. No pop-up trailers or RV’s. PASSENGERS ARE NOT TO BE TRANSPORTED IN THE BACK OF ANY TRUCK OR IN A SUBURBAN, STATION WAGON, OR VAN WITH THE DOORS OPEN OR TRAILER!!


Camp Etiquette

All Campers should be in their own campsites and quiet between the hours of 10:00p.m. and 7:00a.m. Lights out is at 11:00p.m. Your unit is responsible for cleaning any facilities that you use and you will not be permitted to leave until the Camp Ranger is satisfied with the cleanliness of the facilities. Do not disturb any wild or domestic animals or plants. Leave your area cleaner that you found it.



The emergency gathering site is the First Aid Lodge/Sport Court. Fires are permitted in existing fire rings, at the Ranger’s discretion. Only a small fire may be built in the amphitheater fire ring, when the amphitheater is reserved.

Small cooking fires are permitted in existing fire rings. Propane stoves/grills are allowed for cooking. Liquid (white) fuel stoves are prohibited. Units should have adequate water on hand to extinguish their fire(s).




Do not burn or bury any trash. All trash is to be disposed of in dumpsters or carried out when you leave. Trash bags are available from the Ranger.


Vandalism and Damage to Facilities

Immediately report any acts of vandalism to the Camp Ranger. Additionally if there is any problems with or damage to any camp facilities please notify the Camp Ranger.  DO NOT PUT NAILS OR SCREWS IN ANY STRUCTURE ON THIS CAMP!! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR REIMBURSEMENT FOR ANY DAMAGES ATTRIBUTED TO YOUR UNIT!!


Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited from being brought to camp; Liquid (white) fuel stoves, fireworks, personally owned firearms (including air rifles), archery equipment, slingshots, or any other equipment that propels objects, alcoholic beverages, motor driven equipment (ATV’s, generators, chainsaws, etc) bikes, pets, illegal drugs; fixed blade hunting knives; machetes and aerosol spray cans.



The Alamo Area Council provides health/accident insurance for registered adults and youth. Report all accidents and emergencies to the Ranger.

 Campmaster Corps

Would you like to request support from our Campmaster Corps? (Campmasters are experienced Scouters with capabilities to support program with skills if requested. Please note what you might need additional help with and, if there is a campmaster scheduled for this weekend, we will connect you to coordinate.)

*All other rules and policies of the B.S.A as found in the Guide to Safe ScoutingExternal Link must be followed while at camp. This having two-deep leadership with YPT, and at least one adult BALOO-certified for overnight Pack camping.

Please visit new official website www.AlamoAreaBSA.orgExternal Link