Mays Family Scout Ranch

Facility Information

Primitive Site 3 (PS3) Hammock Camping Site

at Mays Family Scout Ranch
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Primitive Site 3 is far away from all the other campsites of Mays Family Scout Ranch. This site is perfect to get that backcountry feel. Positioned just a couple hundred feet from the Medina river you’ll get that back to nature experience. This primitive site is perfect for hammock camping. There are a multitude of trees that are the correct size and spacing to accommodate at least a dozen hammocks. The area also has a good amount of flat ground for typical tents as well. Primitive Site 3 will only be moderately maintained to keep that natural feeling. However, the trails are kept well maintained throughout the year and are great for that hike-in experience. Hammocks are now AVAILABLE FOR RENT at Mays Family Scout Ranch! ** Although this campsite sits above the average flood-plain of the Medina river the ranger reserves the right to relocate all campers in times of extreme weather. For all NON-Boy Scouts of America organizations and/or public persons wishing to rent anything at Mays Family Scout Ranch a Certificate Of Insurance (COI) naming the Alamo Area Council as additionally insured will be required prior to the event taking place. The minimum insurance requirements will be listed here soon, please contact the council for that information if needed.
Check-In Procedure
All campers and visitors must check in with the camp Ranger or Campmaster immediately upon arrival. Unit leadership is to provide a roster of all Scouts and adults in attendance as well as any required training documentation.
Clean-Up Procedure
A Scout is to Leave No Trace, all Items must be left in as good if not better condition than when the unit/group arrived. A dumpster is available near the parking lot. Please dispose of all trash before you leave the ranch.
Check-Out Procedure
At the end of your camp stay, you must check out with the camp Ranger or Campmaster, who will promptly inspect the rental facility to ensure cleanliness and care.