3445 Fest Rd, San Antonio, TX 78264 

Mays Ranch is located on Fest Road and is accessed from hwy 16 about 1 mile north of Loop 1604 (Some GPS units will try taking you to Jett Rd, but this is NOT going to get you here. You can enter 3441 Fest Rd, San Antonio, TX 78264 on your GPS and it should get you to our front gate.)




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Built in 2014, the Mays Family Scout Ranch (MFSR) is comprised of 140 beautiful acres of land developed alongside the Medina River South of Downtown San Antonio, adjacent to the ‘Medina River Natural Area’.  The Ranch was designed and is utilized as camping grounds for youth and families in and around San Antonio, as a way to provide more opportunities for outdoor activities and adventures to a segment of our youth that may not have those opportunities in any other way.

Camping and Facilities are open to Scouts as well as the Public. To reserve your campsite, meeting space, or another one of our many facilities, click here or on the Reservations button above.

MFSR provides a refreshing escape for youth seeking a balance of memorable adventure with the serenity of the great outdoors all within a short drive from home.  With large Cypress, Oak and Pecan trees along the flowing Medina River, traveling the trails and various learning activities available, the Ranch provides a fun and exhilarating experience for thousands of young people every year. In addition to the opportunities on the property, the Ranch’s proximity to the Medina River Natural Area Park provides many additional miles of hiking trails and activities.  

In addition to the standard faire of camping and outdoor activities, the Ranch also has facilities and tools enabling the study and experience of S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) related activities as part of its program focus. A big part of the Ranch’s purpose is to provide outdoor STEM related field trip opportunities for schools, churches and other organizations not directly related to Scouting. In the spring of 2018, several thousand school aged children from across San Antonio attended and had their lives impacted through STEM days at MFSR.

For more information on field trips and STEM experiences at Mays, contact Chris Payne at 210-296-7583 or email chris.payne@scouting.org

For more information on Mays facilities, email Mays@AlamoAreaBSA.orgExternal Link or contact the Mays Ranch Manager, Adam Arntson, at 210-740-9368.

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