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Alamo Area Council Offering Camperships to Scouts In Need to Attend Summer Camp!

It is time to make your Summer Camp plans! Don't let financial barriers stop your scout from attending camp.

Alamo Area Council offers Camperships of up to 50% of the early bird registration fee for Bear Creek Scouts BSA Summer Camp, Webelos Outdoor Adventure Camp, Tiger Day Camp, Cub Scout Summer Family Camp, and Cub Scout Day Camp.

Understand that there are several sources for financing the camping experience: the youth’s family, the troop or pack’s money from product sales (popcorn or camp cards), and a campership if needed. The family’s income is a traditional way to pay for summer camp.

The Council provides popcorn and camp card sales so scouts may practice the Scout Law - a Scout is Thrifty. The Council suggests that Troops, Packs and Crews that have sold Camp Cards and Popcorn, track the amount earned by those youth who have sold so they can use the money to go to camp during the summer. If the family of the youth is unable to pay the total cost of the Camp and the youth’s earnings from product sales are insufficient, then a Campership request is there to assist. The Campership, however,  will only cover up to 50% of the camp fee.

  • Campership grants are only available to registered youth scouts in the Alamo Area Council and only for Alamo Area Council Camping Events
  • Scouts may only request 1 Campership per season
  • Campership grants are non-transferable between Scouts.
  • Completion of a campership application does not guarantee a campership grant. Camperships are given on the basis of available funds and verified individual need.
  • Information provided on the campership application is confidential and will be only be used to process your request for a Campership

Steps to apply for and receive a campership application:

1. Fill out the online application individually

2. Once received, a Unit Endorsement will be emailed to the Unit Committee Chair and Scoutmaster or Cubmaster. One of them must fill out and submit the Endorsement form confirmation your status in the unit. 

3. Once the Unit Endorsement is received the Application and the Endorsement will be put before the committee for review. 

4. Notification of the results of the campership will be emailed to the email address you enter into the Campership Application. 

For Cub Scout Events, you will receive a discount code to enter into the online registration system to discount your registration.  For Scouts BSA, once the scout's name has been entered in the Tentaroo System we will award the campership directly through Tentaroo and it will show on the troop's invoice.

Click here to submit a Campership ApplicationExternal Link 

The Campership Committee meets regularly to review and award camperships.  If your application or a unit endorsement is not received prior to any meeting, it will be held for the next meeting. Timely submissions will ensure a timely result. 



Each application requires a unit endorsement prior to being reviewed by the campership committee.  Once an application is received the Unit's Committee Chair and Scoutmaster/ Cubmaster will be contacted via email with a link to the unit endorsement form.  Please fill out the unit endorsement in the scout's name to the best of your ability and then submit it for review.  

The link to the unit endorsement form will be emailed out to the Unit Scoutmaster/Cubmaster and Committee Chair directly based on who is listed in those positions in our membership database.  Please ensure all contact information is updated to ensure timely notifications.


Once a campership has been awarded, the email address on the campership application will receive notification of the results.  It is the responsibility of this person to notify anyone else within the unit that may need to know.  

If you have any questions about the campership process, please contact Itza Rodriguez at 210-341-8611 x111


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